Sunday, October 31, 2010


Visualization is a scientific method that anyone can use to programme their reticular activating system or RAS.

When we visualise our intentions and goals, our RAS receives our desire as a clear instruction and starts seeking things to bring it to us.

The people who will help us, financial and physical resources that we need, information resources, clients, and other necessary things, will appear. Thanks to our RAS.

For the sake of understanding, I will illustrate the visualisation technique using the tee shot in golf.

It is important to note that the environment affects how you visualize. The best is a quiet and serene place where you will not be distracted or interrupted. One place where I always like to practice visualization is sitting down on a park bench facing a pond or the sea.

Proceed to do deep breathing exercises, relax your body. Feel the tension in your body being released away as you breathe in….and out…in…and out…

Identify what you want to experience. For example, the perfect tee off.

Level 1 – Dissociated Visualization.

Step into Level 1, see yourself from a third person point of view – a bystander, experiencing the experience, driving the perfect tee shot. Notice how it feels to you as you see yourself experiencing the perfect tee off.

Level 2 - Associated Visualization.

Now move from a third person point of view to the first person point of view. Step into the very person you are watching. Go ahead. See the fairway as you would see it as you step into yourself.

Wrap your fingers around the leather hand grip of the golf club. Feel its texture in your hands. Feel the weight of the club. Notice the lush, soft grass under your shoes. Hear the blowing of the wind. Hear the leaves rustle in the wind and the call of the geese that just flew by.

Now in the first person point of view, see yourself making the perfect tee off. Notice how it feels as you slowly pull your shoulders back, keeping your eyes and hip steady while facing your target, you twist your spine back and then uncoils it, the club sweeps towards the ball, your hear the swooosh of the club shaft as it whips through the air, the crisp ring of the ping as the sweet spot of the club smacks the ball thrills you. Notice how it feels as you see the ball rocket through the air in the exact direction as you want it to.

Level 3 – Intensified Associated Visualization

Now, still in the first person point of view, we are going to make the scene bigger, louder, and more colourful!

As you stand to take another tee shot, notice how the environment is like. The grass beneath you is as green and crisp as the country club which you always play in. You feel the tightness in your shoes, you feel the sweat trickling down your face, dripping off your chin. The morning sun rays lightly touch your back. You feel your heart beating faster and faster as you step up to take tee shot.

As you approach the ball, hear the grass crumple under your shoes, hear the scrubs in the rough rustle in the wind, the grass and dry leaves rattle as a frightened monitor lizard scampers away, and hear the sweet ping sound as the sweet spot of your Big Bertha meets the ball squarely, and watch in palpitation as the ball fly exactly as you want it to, landing onto the green with a soft thump sound, bounces upwards and forwards, coming to a stop an inch from the hole.

At that moment, you clench your fist tightly, pump it in the air and shout YAY! You feel the ecstasy of a perfect tee shot. You hear the claps of your flight mates and someone says GOOD SHOT!

Give it a try, you'll be amazed with the results.

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