Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bounce Back When You Fall

Malaysia's Prime Minister speaking at the ASEAN 100 Leadership Forum yesterday (1st Oct 2010) recounted for his audience his electoral setback in Malaysia's 1999 General Election. That year he very nearly lost his parliamentary seat in his constituency of Pekan - retaining it by a razor thin margin of just 241 votes.

Najib shared: “If you look at 1999, it was a strange situation. My majority dropped to 241.”

It is in trying times like this that the true mettle of a man or woman is revealed.

Frustrated but resolute, Najib worked hard to regain the people’s votes and in the 2004 General Election, won the seat with a whopping majority of 22,922 votes.

In the 2008 General Election, Najib increased the winning margin to 26,464 votes, the highest obtained by any candidate of his political party that year.

Looking back at his dramatic come back with pride, the Malaysian Prime Minister adviced: “If you have the confidence, you should not be deterred by a temporary setback. What is important is the ability to recover. Fortunately, I’m still around."

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  1. Work hard enough and trust your vision. What you focus expands and opportunities will come.