Thursday, October 28, 2010


Our intentions create our reality and outcomes. It literally does.

Our intentions instruct our reticular activating system or RAS to sort out what information our five senses gathered are relevant and what are irrelevant to our goals.

Only a minute fraction of what our senses gathered are allowed into our conscious mind to create our reality.

Our reality is our “map of the world” constructed from the information filtered through our RAS. Our “map” triggers our mental states (emotions) and body feelings. All these combine to produce our behaviour and actions that ultimately lead to our outcomes.

Intention creates reality and outcomes.

This is the way life is – according to the way our RAS works. We are all subject to our RAS' way of working - whether we like it or not, whether we know it or are ignorant.

As powerful as our RAS may be, the good news is we are able to programme our RAS at will.

Our RAS can be programmed by two kinds of intentions - conscious and unconscious.

Only conscious intentions can instruct our RAS to produce intended outcomes for us. (Unconscious intentions also produce outcomes but only unintended outcomes – we’ll come back to unconscious intentions later.)

Conscious intention is:

- A determination to act in a certain way or to do a certain thing

- The object towards which our thoughts are directed.

Intention setting is a powerful way to programme our RAS to achieve our goals.

When we set an intention, we make a decision about what we wish to accomplish or possess. When we decide something consciously, we are instructing our RAS to get us an experience we wish to have in the future.

Setting intention is like placing an order with our RAS. Our RAS is completely loyal and obedient. Once we definitely make the decision to intend something, our RAS dutifully tunes itself to seek that thing out for us.

I say “definitely make the decision to intend,” because our RAS doesn’t like indecisiveness. Only when we make an absolute decision would our intention be certain. That is a positive signal to our RAS.

If we don’t make a definite decision then it is nothing more than just a wish or a hope.

“It sure would be nice if I could start my own life coaching business someday.” That’s a lot different from “I intend to start my own life coaching business by the end of the year.” One is a definite command to our RAS that we’re clear about the fact that we want to start our own life coaching business before the calendar changes. The other is a weak signal that says you hope someday it will appear.

When we set our intention positively as a definite decision, the RAS receives our desire as a clear instruction and starts seeking things to bring it to us.

The people who will help us, financial and physical resources that we need, information resources, clients, and other necessary things, will appear. Thanks to our RAS.

Intentional living is very empowering, because it gets us through our life over the long haul like our North Star. It is very easy to get lost in the day-to-day struggles of living this life. There’s so much that demands to be done on a daily basis that it’s easy to lose sight of where we are navigating our ship.

When we set a clear intention for the situation we wish to bring about in our life, we can still take care of the day-to-day business of life, knowing that a higher part of us is working, using the power of our RAS to bring about the circumstances we wish to experience.

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