Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What You Focus On Expands

Here is a thought exercise to illustrate the law that: "What you focus on expands."

Think of two people – one you like and one that you don’t.

Then for the person you like – find several aspects that you don’t like.

Then for the person you don’t like – find several aspects that you do like.

As you continue to do this, it won’t be long before you will change how you feel about each person.

You will start to dislike the person you liked.

And you will start to like the person you disliked.

1 comment:

  1. Here when you conduct this exercise, one thing that stays constant is the no. of times you stay in contact with the person you dont like and the person you like. If you get in touch ith them constantly, even if you are reminded of the person's good intentions, you will soon be overwhelmed by his bad behaviour.
    Unless you do a swish exercise but then it does not get obliterated.
    Perhaps a better way would be, think of how to sart your day happy...focus on that..and see how it expands. Reminds me of the crystals that was formed in water due to thoughts radiated out to the water.