Monday, October 25, 2010


When you set an intention, conscious or unconscious, two things come up right away without fail. Resources and obstacles, these two always move in an inseparable pair.

When we see an opportunity, thoughts of obstacles follow in a split second - often the very next moment.

Since resources and obstacles move around like Siamese twins, the reverse is also true.

When we meet with obstacles or crises – if we look carefully, we will see that the obstacle is wrapping an opportunity. We only need to look beneath the surface. Remove the wrapping to reveal the gift.

When we set an intention we get thrilled by the possibilities. People, opportunities, and relevant experiences flood our minds, pushing open doors to so many possibilities. We see who can help us, where we can go with the idea, how we can accomplish our mission. Everything seems to be ready for us – we need to go just do it.

And then, hot on the heels of resources come the obstacles. These come in all forms – not enough money, not enough time, no experience, no partners, no expertise, no connections. Often just seconds of thinking of the obstacles is enough to douse the flames of excitement and the intention is relegated to the waste basket of wishful thoughts that pass by our mind’s window everyday.

Everyday we go through this process countless times – endlessly weighing the pros and cons. Bright sparks always getting squelched by thoughts of the obstacles, keeping us in the rut even though we have all the resources we need to achieve our goal.

If we don’t set conscious intentions, this life sapping habit becomes our life time pattern.

It’s an embedded programme that runs in our head, and runs our life without us being conscious of it.

So the next time, an exciting idea comes to your mind, remember that thoughts about the obstacles will follow in train as surely a night follows day.

Don’t let obstacles run your conscious intention over.

Face your obstacles with confidence and be encouraged by the knowledge that the arrival of obstacles is just the nature of things.

When we put our mind to it (i.e. set our RAS on it) – keeping our conscious intention in mind - there will always be a way to achieve what we set out to do with love.

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  1. Yes, there are 2 counterbalancing items, opportunities and crisis. The thing is, is your mental attitude prepare for such an issue? How to get yourself prepare to turn crisis into opportunities. The initial reaction may be too overwhelming that send people into mind freeze. Perhaps a little brain gym activities to unfreeze it would be a good idea. Not not be a crisis but shows a creative way of untwisting the situation and shows that everyone has the abilitiy to do it.

    "Face your obstacles with confidence and be encouraged by the knowledge that the arrival of obstacles is just the nature of things."
    How do you know it is the nature of things? What tells you all that? How does it show that you are confident? You can only face the obstacles with confidence when you have past experience of doing it, have trust in own competencies then will it be possible.