Saturday, December 4, 2010

What is Your Story?

All of us have a life story. Our life is a story.

Everyday we are writing our story, word by word, sentence by sentence, page by page, whether we are aware of it or not.

How will our story end? Does our story have a happy, triumphant ending? a sad, tragic ending?

We can predict the ending by looking at how our life story is unfolding….. We know how the story will end by looking at what are its undergirdings. By this I mean what is guiding our actions, and thus our results.

What are our beliefs, values and attitudes? They are there influencing our actions whether we are aware of them or not.

What are our goals? There is no direction without goals.

What are our habits? What do we do when we meet with difficulties? What do we do when we are blessed with abundance?

Whether we write our story consciously or not, there are patterns in our daily living. From these patterns we can tell how our story will unfold.

The ability to write our own story is a uniquely human gift. No other living thing has this gift.

Yet not all of us use this unique and powerful opportunity. Some of us let other people write our story. Some just let circumstances write their story.

I will be exploring ways to write our life story ourselves. If we can design a wonderful life for ourselves, why not?

One of the ways is to pattern our story after the Hero’s Journey. Mythologist Joseph Campbell found after studying thousands of hero stories across the world and through the ages that all hero stories follow a certain pattern. We can design our own hero’s journey by using this pattern.

We can also write our life story by designing it backwards. We start by writing the last chapter - our 100th Birthday Speech. This speech describes us at 100 years old and our life achievements in key aspects of our life. With this 100th Birthday Speech we can plan backwards and live forward to achieve our goals.


  1. There are some good videos about this at and the related site at

  2. Thank you Kayefrancis for sharing these links. The sites are great resources on the Hero's Journey ;D Appreciate it.