Sunday, December 19, 2010

Power Your Vision with Dreams

Using the 100th Birthday Speech method, you have created a vision of your best self for specific aspects of your life. I am going to share with you some ways to create plans, and to inspire you to take massive action to achieve your vision.

One of the ways is to harness the power of our dreams.

Our dreams are very powerful problem solving and inspirational tools.

That’s why we sometimes solved personal or work problems by "sleeping on it".

This is because when we sleep, our minds do not turn off; quite the contrary, it becomes very active when we dream. Through dreams, our minds continue to work out solutions to our life and work problems, tapping into our innate creativity and problem solving skills to do so.

Let me show you a couple of famous examples of the power of dreams.

Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz discovered the chemical-organic "Structure Theory", not by experimentation alone but also by dreams!

Twice Kekulé had dreams that led to major discoveries!

Kekulé in a speech given at the German Chemical Society told the distinguished gathering that ideas for the Structural Theory first occurred to him when he was dreaming after falling asleep on a public bus while thinking about the theory.

Another dream led to the breakthrough that revealed the molecular structure of Benzene.

While thinking about the structure of Benzene on his fireside chair, Kekulé fell asleep and dreamt about twining, twisting, and whirling snakes. One of the snakes even seized its own tail. The snake seizing it's own tail gave Kekulé the circular structure idea he needed to solve the Benzene riddle that confounded scientists for years!

Kekulé told his colleagues, “Let us learn to dream!”

In 1964, golfer Jack Nicklaus was having a bad slump and routinely shooting poor scores. He then had a dream about a new golf swing which he credits for helping him suddenly regain his top form and scores.

Nicklaus said he was thinking about what could be plaguing his swing, when he fell asleep and dreamt of himself hitting good swings. He realized that in the dream he wasn't holding the club the way he had been holding it lately.

When he woke, Nicklaus held the club the way he did in his dream, and his top form and scores magically returned.

Like Kekulé and Nicklaus we too can harness the power of dreams.

Think about your vision during the few minutes before you fall asleep. If you have a vision board, take a look at it and let your mind wonder and marvel at your vision.

Let your unconscious mind take over and work on your visions while you sleep.

Trust your unconscious mind to come up with creative solutions in your dreams.

Have a note book and pen at your bedside. When you wake, recall and write down the dreams that you had before getting out of bed and doing anything else.

One of your dreams could be the key to achieving your vision.

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