Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hero's Journey - Meeting the Mentor

When we have clear vision, missions and goals, we are energized and people around us can see and feel our vibrations and enthusiasm. People who are comfortable with themselves and who have the wisdom, talent and means will come forward to support us. It is natural for a person who is more self assured and experienced in the field to want to support another aspiring person make it in the same field or in life in general. The mentor sees in the aspiring novice a reflection of herself when she was starting out, and therefore feels an affinity for him. As Confucius says, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Of course, when we set our sights on something, we are bounded to make some people uncomfortable. They may see us as competition and if they are under-confident in the field, they may set out to hinder us. They may be our family and friends who feel their lives may be affected by our endeavours. These people are the Threshold Guardians. These are the naysayers, doubters and criticizers who are determined to discourage us.

Threshold Guardians are very useful, even though they can cause us much pain.

If we are true to our vision, mission and goals, the Threshold Guardian is not there to stop us – they are not that powerful as after all they are fear driven. If we stay true to our core and calling, they are there to help us see how badly we want something. Threshold Guardians are only strong enough to stop those who do not want something badly enough.

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