Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Follow Your Bliss

A highly acclaimed teacher had numerous admirers and followers because of his insights about human nature.

One day, one of his many students asked him: “What difference do you want to make in people through your teachings?”

The teacher replied: “I have no such wants.”

The student stunned and confused by the teacher’s reply asked: “If you do not want to make a difference with your insights, why then do you teach?”

The teacher smiled and asked: “Why does a bird sing?”

Just follow your bliss, use your gift. Do what you do best naturally. There is no need for any external motive.

The teacher was happy just sharing his insights on human nature as a bird would be happy sharing his song.

People will change themselves on their own accord when the insight moves them.

When you find your voice, by all means SING!

Those who would benefit from your gift will help themselves.

I have found my voice, and my personal mission statement is to use my creativity and enthusiasm to inspire and empower children, young adults and elders to access their inner treasures and get the life they deserve by crafting their life story.

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