Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Power of Nicknames

Now that you know the attributes of your authentic self, giving your authentic self a nickname is one of the ways you can stay connected with your true self.

Your nickname is like your super-hero identity.

Your nickname shall have two parts. The first part is an adjective (descriptive word) and the second part a noun.

Nicknames are metaphors that basically say "A is B" e.g. Edmund is a Creative Genius.

A metaphor makes a strong association between A and B. Everything about B is attributed to A. Thus A effectively becomes B i.e. Edmund becomes a Creative Genius. All attributes that a Creative Genius has, Edmund has.

The power of nicknames comes from the way that metaphors changes you by bringing new thinking and ideas, extending and changing the way that you think about yourself. (Click on this link for more on metaphors)

Furthermore, your nickname keeps your authentic self in focus as your nickname constantly reminds you of your authentic self and all its attributes. What you focus on expands and where attention goes energy flows.

This nickname creating exercise is simple, fun, and can literary be life changing.

Step 1 - Choose an adjective that best describes the authentic you. Come up with an adjective of your own choice, as you know yourself best.

Step 2 - Next choose a noun that best describes your authentic self. Again, come up with a noun of your own choice, as you know yourself best.

Step 3 - Now combine the adjective and noun that you have chosen to form your nickname. For example, Soaring Eagle, Resolute Rose, Amazing Star, Genius Artist, etc.

Here are some other examples of nicknames – of famous people.

The giving of nicknames is a powerful thing. To name yourself is to define yourself. To name yourself is to control how you see yourself.

Use this power to empower yourself.

Allow me to end this post on a lighter note with a nickname joke, just for laughs.

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