Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mapping Across True Self Confidence With Meta Programmes

Earlier we learnt that true self confidence is a cause and its effect is excellent outcomes. We also learnt that true self confidence is portable i.e. it can be transferred from situation to situation.

In this module, you will learn a technique to transfer the self confidence that you have in one situation to another situation where you are now feeling under confident.

To do this, we make use of meta programs.

Meta programs are one of the neural filters which our Reticular Activating System or RAS uses to sort incoming sensory information into either our conscious or unconscious mind. Meta programs automatically filter our experiences and guide and direct our thought processes. They determine how we perceive the world around us and influence how we behave and communicate with others.

There different meta programs in operation when we are feeling self confident and when we are feeling under confident.

The key meta programs in operation with regards to confidence are:

     Approach to problems
     Time frame
     Chunk size
     Locus of control
     Mode of comparison
     Problem solving approach
     Thinking style.

Using myself as an example, my meta programs when I am feeling confident and when I am feeling under confident are as follows:

Once we understand the meta programs in operation in different situations, we are able to transfer the meta programs from one situation to another using the appropriate techniques.

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