Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mapping Across True Self Confidence Exercise

True self confidence has a structure and there is a process to transfer this resourceful mental state from one context to another.

Self confidence can be transferred from a resourceful situation to a problem situation by using the contrasting meta program patterns involved.

Step 1.  Identify a situation involving decision making, problem solving or leadership, which you find that you now lack self confidence to deal successfully. This is the problem situation.

Step 2.  Identify another challenging situation, which is similar to the first, but that you already have the self confidence to manage resourcefully. This is the resourceful situation.

Step 3.  Mark out two physical locations for the different situations, and a 3rd location for a “meta position” as follows:

Step 4.  Associate into the problem situation where you are under confident. Get a good sense of how you experience under confidence inside you. What are the meta programs in operation when you are under confident? For example, when I am under confident, my meta program patterns are as follows:

Step 5.  Next, fully associate into the resourceful situation where you are truly self confident. Get a good sense of how you experience true self confidence inside you. What are the meta programs in operation when you feel truly self confident. For illustration the results are as follows:

Step 6.  From the “meta position”, contrast the meta programs that are operating in the problem and the resourceful situations. How are the meta program patterns you are using in the under confident situation different from those of the self confident situation?

Step 7.  Step into the resourceful situation location and focus on the most important meta program patterns that you are using in that experience. Create an anchor so that you can easily feel and remember what it is like to be acting from those meta program characteristics.

Step 8.  Step over to the problem situation and use your anchor to transfer the meta program patterns associated with the resourceful experience into that situation.

Notice how your experience of the problem situation is changed and enriched.

Do this exercise whenever you need to get into a state of self confidence in problem situation.

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