Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tap the Power of Whole Brain Thinking with Mind Movies

I was first introduced to mind mapping more than 15 years ago. It had been touted as a superior way to understand, organize, recall, and communicate information. Mind mapping supposedly uses more of our right, creative brain which organizes information in picture form. Mind mapping is said to be creative, fast and fun.

The traditional way of organizing information linearly in text and point form uses more of our left, logical brain. Bullet points are supposed to be dull, slow, and boring.

Attracted by the touted benefits of mind mapping, I have tried many times to use it over the years. I never did work well for me, especially in the recall of a complex network of ideas. I have difficulty recalling the connections between the parts when it is spread out across a sheet of paper with the key ideas radiating away from central core idea.

What works best for me is the story telling or mind movie method. The key ideas are organized as a story with the key ideas lined up in a story line. The information is stored in my mind as a movie and recall is accomplished by playing back the movie in our mind.

The mind movie method is a combination of the traditional linear, logical structure with the graphical appearance of mind mapping. It uses the whole brain. It has the logical flow of the left brain and the artistic, visual flair of the right brain.

I have used the mind movie method in public speaking with good results.

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  1. Question: How is it being done? As far as I know, there is a disadvantage of arranging information linearly because if u miss one link, it is unlikely that you will remember the rest after that.