Friday, April 8, 2011

Keys to Effective Presentation

The acronym CCTV COP is a useful way to remember Kevin Hogan’s seven keys of effective presentation.

C – Client Centered. Keep the presentation focused on what’s in it for the audience. What will he gain? How will he benefit?

C – Concise. Be ready to deliver your complete presentation in a 30-second elevator ride, or in 5 minutes.

T – Tie downs. Use tie downs to get commitment from your audience. One form of tie downs is to end the sentence with phrases like “don’t you?”, “isn’t it?”, “won’t you?”, “can’t you?”, “aren’t they?” A tie down is a question that requires a “yes” or “no” answer. Line up a series of tie down questions to get “yes” answers leading towards your objective. Use tie downs sparingly as otherwise your audience may feel manipulated.

V – Visualise. Help your audience visualise what his life would be like when he agrees to your proposal. Also help him visualise what it would be like to be without your proposal. Present the costs and benefits of your proposal as a vivid movie for your audience.

C – Congruent. Make your words match your tone of voice and your body language. When words and your non-verbal cues don’t match, you lose the trust of your audience.

O – Objective. Know your objective, and make it known to your audience. Catch your audience’s attention by letting them know how the objective will benefit them.

P – Presupposition. In your presentation, use phrases that presupposes what you want. For example, if you ask your client “Before we finalize the contract, would you like something to drink?” you presupposed that your client is ready to sign the contract. Again, use presuppositions sparingly as otherwise the client may feel manipulated.

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