Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Power Persuaders have the 3-Wins Mindset

The 3-wins power persuader seeks to get a win for self, the other person, and the larger group that both belong to.

In the context of an office, a 3-wins result would be a benefit for yourself, your colleague, and your company.

In the context of a company, a 3-wins outcome would be gains for the company, the customer, and the world in which they both exist.

In the context of a family, a 3-wins result would be a happy outcome for yourself, a family member, and the entire family (and possibly also the extended family).

3-wins is not just an ideal. 3-wins is a mindset that stretches our imagination. It certainty is not unattainable – it just forces us to be creative.

If our idea meets the 3-wins criteria, it would be naturally persuasive. A 3-wins idea sells itself, and doesn’t need much persuading.

Being prepared to have “no deal” is also part of the 3-wins mindset. If you and the other person are to win at the expense of the larger group, then it is better to have “no deal”. If you and the company are to win at the expense of a colleague, then it is also “no deal”.

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