Thursday, October 6, 2011

1-Minute Public Speaking Tip - Manage Your Nervousness

Pauses are as important as spoken words in our speeches, yet many of us hesitate to use it.

The main reason why we do not use enough pauses is because we tend to rush our speeches.

The reason for rushing is because we are anxious. All of us feel anxious. It is only human.

Fortunately, there are simple techniques we can use to manage our nervousness.

When you are at home, imagine you are at the meeting. Recall a situation where you feel particularly confident. It could be during a speech you made previously. Next imagine yourself stepping up to the rostrum.

At the imaginary rostrum, immerse yourself and enjoy this feeling of confidence and positiveness. Choose something to remind you, to feel this feeling. You may use this rostrum or anything else you prefer.

Repeat this process, a few times with different situations where you feel confident, until it is second nature.

So at the actual meeting when you step up to the rostrum, you automatically recall these positive experiences flooding you with feelings of confidence.

With this positive feeling welling up in you, launch into your speech opening with confidence and gusto!

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