Friday, January 7, 2011

The Hero’s Journey Steps in a Nutshell

The Hero’s Journey is a series of broadly defined steps all heroes go through.

At the core, it is mankind’s intrinsic story. It is a story that is imprinted in the unconscious mind of all mankind.

In this intrinsic story, we are all heroes and we are all on this Journey, whether we are conscious of it or not. We greatly enhance our lives and that of others when we are conscious of our story and take responsibility for our own Hero’s Journey. Our gifts and talents will flourish for the benefit of all.

If we are ignorant of our story, the hero in us remains dormant and we live small lives that do not do justice to our gifts and talents. We and others are poorer as a result.

The Hero’s Journey described in Joseph Campbell’s book, Man With a Thousand Faces, consists of 17 steps. Stories with all 17 steps are very rare.

Most stories will have these 8 steps:

The Call to Adventure - The hero meets a challenge.

Accepting the Call – The hero accepts the challenge.

The Crossing of the Threshold – The hero’s quest takes him into the unknown and dangerous realm.

Meeting the Mentor – The hero finds mentors who help him with his quest.

Facing the Ordeal - The challenge puts the hero into his lowest point or darkest moment.

The Hero is Transformed – The hero emerges from the ordeal a better person.

The Reward – The hero takes the prize of his quest.

Return with the Elixir – The hero uses his prize to benefit his people

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