Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hero's Journey - Meeting the Mentor

After refusing the call, if the Hero is ready, the MENTOR WILL APPEAR.

The Mentor can appear in many forms. It could be a wise person, a good book, a long lost friend, a pet, an insight that comes to you unexpectedly, a traumatic event that is a wake up call.

The Mentor will give the Hero a great gift and this great gift is none other than the treasures that already exist inside the Hero all this time.

These are great gifts which the Hero always has. All that is needed is for a Mentor to make the Hero aware of them.

These gifts are qualities like confidence, persistence, courage, integrity, optimism, and so on.

Once you know your gifts, you can claim them and release their great power to serve you.

Once you claim your gifts, you have the resources to OVERCOME the demons that stop you like fear of the unknown, uncertainty, and need for security.

You may have heard the story of the Frogs in the Rut, first told by Abraham Lincoln.

Two frogs were playing happily in a muddy road. They dug a deep rut with their gleeful hopping. One of the frogs got bored and hopped out of the rut, while the other frog looked on enviously.

"Let’s get out of here!" cried the first frog.

"We need to go find food somewhere else or we’ll starve.”

The frog in the rut was hungry, but he was also tired. Besides, there was no guarantee that one will find any food beyond the rut. At least, here in a rut there is mud and occasionally a stranded fly might wander by.

“I can't. I'm exhausted,” the second frog whined.

“Besides, I like it here. It is warm and comfortable.”

The first frog pleaded with his companion over and over again to leave the rut.

“You can’t stay in a rut the rest of your life, can you?”

The second frog made a half-hearted attempt at hopping out to humour his friend, and when that failed gladly settled in the rut.

Then both frogs heard a low rumble and saw a cloud of dust rising in the distance. The rumble grew louder and louder until the ground shook with it. Then they saw the front grille of a large truck barrelling towards them.

One front wheel was in the same rut where the second frog was afraid to leave! The frog outside the rut screamed and forced his eyes shut as the truck hurtled by!

Then, as it grew quiet again after the truck disappeared and when the dust settled, the first frog slipped up to the edge of the rut and peered down. There was no one there! Had his friend been grounded into paste? As he trembled in fear and sorrow, a voice called out from behind him.

On the side of the road sat his friend, croaking cheerfully.

“How did you get there?”

“I took one big hop with all my might and then, here I am,” the friend proudly announced.

"But," said the first frog, "you said you couldn't get out. What changed?"


The big truck was the wake up call that staying in the rut was not an option.

This story shows how amazingly far we can hop -- if we meet our Mentor and receive the right inspiration.


  1. Like the story of the frogs,sound so much like "Who moved my cheese?"

    "After refusing the call, if the Hero is ready, the MENTOR WILL APPEAR."

    Sorry to ask but when in your script,there is a refusing the call? Isnt that contradictory,if you refuse the call the mentor will still appear?

    Btw,how is the story of the frog relevant to how the mentor will appear?

  2. Yup, like Paige, don't quite get how the mentor will appear even after refusing the call.